About Our Homes

About Our Homes

DHP Contracting is a custom EnergyStar® builder and renovator with over 27 years of experience. We are a smaller company designed to offer our customers expert advice in regards to custom homes, renovations and additions. Our business has been based upon our ability to approach all of our customers in a professional and courteous manner. DHP Contracting strives to make all our projects, big or small, a pleasurable and memorable experience for all our customers. The staff at DHP Contracting consists of qualified trained professionals, capable of performing all of your new home or renovation needs. By working closely with our customers we are able to provide a friendly and helpful environment for all our customers’ construction needs.

DHP Contracting provides building and contracting services for all residential, commercial and agricultural type projects. Our company is a registered member of Tarion, RenoMark, St. Thomas/Elgin Home builders Association, the London Home Builders Association and the Better Business Bureau of Western Ontario.

Our Mission Statement

DHP Contracting is dedicated to building a quality, energy efficient home that offers our customers a continued lifestyle of healthy living. We are providing you with a lasting comfort of living that is not only environmentally responsible but also a good sound investment for your family’s future. Our philosophy is simple, our commitment is to you and your home!

EnergyStar® is the gold star of energy efficiency. The EnergyStar® for New Homes pilot program in Ontario helps the homeowners reduce their energy cost by improving the energy efficiency of their home. Homes that achieve the EnergyStar® label have been independently verified to be as much as 40% more energy efficient than homes which are built to the minimum building code standards for the province of Ontario.

The Government of Canada is to ensure that all new houses are built to the R-2000 or EnerGuide for New Houses (EGNH) 80 rating by the year 2012. We, at DHP, now offer the next generation and level of EnergyStar® certified homes (EGNH 82) constantly raising the bar in energy efficiency.

This Natural Resources Canada initiative will assist Canada in achieving its climate change objectives, because EnergyStar® qualified new houses are constantly improving and raising their performance levels.

Our Dream

DHP Contracting, a leader in energy efficient homes, recognize the importance of energy conservation and preservation. Due to rising fuel and hydro costs, we have responded to the challenge that our government has put forth by designing one of the most resourceful and efficient homes on the market today. Our homes exceed and out perform the conventionally built homes of the current building code standards.

Environmental programs designed to bring together the collective efforts between the builder, federal government and Natural Resources Canada can provide the most efficient, healthy and cost effective way to give you, the home owner, the piece of mind you deserve. Knowing that your prize possessions have our best interest at heart, we, through the EnerGuide™ rating system and EnergyStar® programs, provide you with a home that incorporates lower operating costs, quality craftsmanship and leading edge technology with a savings to you.

Let DHP Contracting protect your future by building you the home that will allow you and your family to live a comfortable and healthy lifestyle without paying the price of costly maintenance and operating costs.

Building Green

Our energy efficient homes integrate several building practices and use self sustainable and recycled building products that are environmentally responsible. Engineered wood building products used in the framing structure of our homes provide superior performance, use less trees per home than conventional wood products because the entire tree is used therefore using less of them.

The insulation system is a 100% recycled material that is used in the entire insulation process of our homes. It provides superior insulating, sound barrier and wind filtration over conventional insulation systems.

We deal with manufacturers who are environmentally responsible and offer forest management programs which supply sustainable hardwood products for flooring and cabinetry that are harvested from forests that have a much quicker re-growth rate than other hardwood species. They are grown on highly productive and carefully managed plantations where trees are interspersed with indigenous species to preserve the native ecosystems and use proprietary technology and sustainable forestry practices. An excellent renewable resource.

Features available in the EnergyStar Home

  • Lifebreath clean air furnace with ECM motor and HRV air exchanger.
  • Tankless condensing boilers and hot water heaters – this on demand hot water system handles both your domestic hot water and heating needs. This system eliminates the need for a hot water tank..
  • Window package that offer ClimaTeck insulating glass package. ClimaTeck combines a double layered Low E glass along with argon gas with the PPG Intercept Warm Edge spacer System to achieve the EenergyStar® rating.
  • Beno Mat injected cellulose insulation systems that offer superior insulative properties, sound deadening and wind infiltration.
  • HRV heat recovery ventilation systems by Lifebreath that offer efficient ways to ventilate and control moisture levels in your home without sacrificing the loss of heat in your home.
  • HEPA air filtration systems to ensure that the air you breathe is of high quality and ensures the environment you live in have a healthy living space.
  • 95% AFUE multi-stage condensing furnace and 14.5 SEER rated central air unit along with electronic termostat that will save you a minimum of 1,000 kilowatt hours in electrical savings.
  • All duct work and plenums will be sealed along with better draft proofing for building envelope.
  • EnergyStar® rated efficient lighting and appliances
  • Low consumption plumbing fixtures and faucets.